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BuyCheapInstagramFollowers Review: In Summary

Does BuyCheapInstagramFollowers have what it takes to outperform its closest rivals? That’s what we set out to discover, placing an order for 1,000 Instagram Likes and 1,000 Instagram Followers. It quickly became clear that in terms of quality, value for money and customer service, the answer was yes – BuyCheapInstagramFollowers ticks all the right boxes.

In every area that matters, BuyCheapInstagramFollowers performed within or beyond our expectations. We’ve so far only trialed a couple of their products, but wouldn’t hesitate to go back for more. Highly-recommended to anyone looking to promote their Instagram account.

BuyCheapInstagramFollowers Review: In Depth

About BuyCheapInstagramFollowers

As something of an industry veteran, you’d expect BuyCheapInstagramFollowers to deliver the goods. In business for more than five years but with a collective experience of several decades, the team behind the brand has an established background in social media marketing. They’ve earned an enormous fan-base over the years and come highly recommended by businesses and private customers alike.

As for our experience with BuyCheapInstagramFollowers, the whole thing really couldn’t have been easier. The website is streamlined and simplified, contacting the support team is a breeze, and the promotional packages on offer were consistently low-priced.

Service Plans

As it stands, BuyCheapInstagramFollowers specializes exclusively in promotional services for Instagram. Social proof for sale includes Instagram Followers, Likes, Comments, Emoji Comments, Video Views, and Mentions. Custom plans and packages are also available, upon request.

Terms, Conditions and Guarantees

It’s important to consult the terms and conditions published by social sellers, before going ahead and placing an order. In the case of BuyCheapInstagramFollowers, we checked all the key terms and guarantees to ensure things were fair and agreeable:

Terms and Conditions

  • BuyCheapInstagramFollowers has a straightforward and simplified Terms of Service.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Privacy Policy

  • BuyCheapInstagramFollowers has a standard Privacy Policy
  • They keep the private information of customers confidential and never sell it to other service providers for promotional purposes.

Refund Policy

  • BuyCheapInstagramFollowers offers a 30-day refund period.
  • They have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for orders not completed within the agreed time.

Retention Policy

  • The company offers a 180-day Retention Guarantee on Instagram Followers and Likes.


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Customer Support

While it’s possible to get in touch with BuyCheapInstagramFollowers by email, we preferred their Live Chat facility. Each time we reached out to the customer support team, we received a response in a matter of minutes. There’s currently no contact telephone number, but Live Chat service covers all important bases.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Detailed below, you’ll find an overview of the questions we submitted to the BuyCheapInstagramFollowers team, along with their answers respectively:

For convenience, we directed our list of pre-order questions to GetAFollower via Live Chat, rather than email. Responses were provided by a GetAFollower representative almost immediately, which you’ll find outlined below:

Our Questions

How long will my Followers and Likes take to arrive?

Our typical delivery window is 48 hours to 72 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the order.

What if they don’t arrive during this time?

It’s very rare that things get delayed, but we’ll happily refund your money if we fail to deliver as promised.

Will they be added all at once, or spread out?

Spread out – it’s important to ensure the delivery looks organic.

What kind of Followers and Likes will I receive?

We exclusively provide authentic social proof. We’ve never sold our customers spammy Followers or Likes and we never will.

Can I see an example of your work?

Our privacy policy prevents us from sharing or publishing examples of completed work.

Is anyone going to know that I bought Likes or Followers?

Nope. The Followers and Likes you buy will be identical to the real thing and therefore completely undetectable.

Will the new Followers engage with my posts or profile?

No. The Likes and Followers we provide are simply about boosting exposure and credibility – they won’t interact with your account.

What if they drop from my account?

Our retention guarantee is valid for 180 days. During this time, we’ll replace any Followers or Likes you lose for free.

What if I want a refund?

If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our service package, get in touch, and we’ll do our best to turn things around for you.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We also presented a series of post-order questions to the team at BuyCheapInstagramFollowers, which is useful for assessing quality and aftercare. Once again, our Live Chat request will answer in a matter of minutes and the following responses provided by the representative:

Our Questions

How long will the Followers and Likes last?

It’s hard to say, but we provide a retention guarantee for 180 days. There’s a good chance they’ll stay with you permanently.

What if Instagram removes my Likes or Followers?

This won’t happen, because the Instagram Likes and Followers we deliver will be undetectable from the real thing. It’s never happened to any of our customers before.

Do you offer any discounts or special deals?

We offer discounts on larger orders and coupon codes for repeat customers. Let us know what you’re planning to order, and we’ll send you a discount code by e-mail.

Which other services would you recommend?

It depends on what you are planning to promote and what you want to achieve. Let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Order Recommendations

The Followers and Likes delivered by BuyCheapInstagramFollowers were of consistently high quality, while the delivery process itself was smooth, simple and timely. Their services marketed towards professionals and private Instagram users alike, with generous discounts available on larger orders.

Daily Turnaround Time

BuyCheapInstagramFollowers completed delivery of our order within the first two days as promised. We received a total of 1,022 Instagram Followers and 1,009 Instagram Likes – both slightly higher than our original order.

Quality of Instagram Followers/Likes

It was the quality and credibility of the Likes and Followers supplied by BuyCheapInstagramFollowers that impressed us most. Complete profiles with unique images and names, along with plenty of Followers and activity to verify authenticity. As we promised, every profile we investigated really was undetectable from the real thing.


We may have been lucky, but 60 days after completion of our order, we’d barely lost a single Like or Follower. In both instances, we still have more than we ordered in the first place, so we’ve had no reason to invoke the company’s retention guarantee.


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When testing promotional services for social media, nothing matters more to us than quality and safety. We’re all-too-familiar with the consequences of spammy social proof, and we know how to spot a fraud from a mile away. In the case of BuyCheapInstagramFollowers, it was the authenticity of the social proof delivered that came as a pleasant surprise.

Low prices, outstanding customer support and genuinely authentic Instagram Likes and Followers – all delivered in less than 48 hours. We’re yet to put the rest of their services to the test, but couldn’t be happier with our experience with BuyCheapInstagramFollowers so far.


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  • I have bought 500 Instagram Followers for my profile from BuyCheapInstagramFollowers, they have delivered all the followers in a natural way. And I am satisfied with their customer service and quality of work.
  • Last week, I purchased 1000 Instagram followers and they delivered my order within the time frame. Excellent customer service team and I am happy with their service.
  • BuyCheapInstagramFollowers is one of the best Instagram service providers, I have ever seen before. I have ordered 250 Instagram comments, and they delivered within 2 to 3 days. The comments are real and in a natural way. Best of luck team.
  • A day before yesterday I purchased 500 views for my Instagram Video. They delivered the views gradually and there are some drops. I have intimated this issue to their customer support team, they have refilled all the lost views shortly. Thank you team for your amazing service and support.
  • Initially, I have ordered 100 Instagram likes for my account, they delivered the likes from real people and stable. Now I have ordered 500 more likes for my posts. Great service, keep it up, guys.